HEATHEN is a Survival Game Where You Play a Mutant Chimera

By Richard Wordsworth on at

Are there really no video game islands at all that aren't full of zombies or pirates or mutant cannibals? Is it too much just to ask for a Radisson and a drink with a little umbrella in it? HEATHEN, a new indie game in development on the CryEngine has the answer. Too much to ask, it turns out.

Set on the Island of Dr. Moreau (the same Dr. Moreau from the H. G. Wells novel, who had some pretty far out ideas about vivisection and animal experimentation), you play not as one of the humans trapped on the island in a walled-off township, but as one of the unfortunate bestial results of the good doctor's experiments.

The game's still in pre-Alpha at the moment, but the pitch is that you'll hunt and fight in first-person against the island's inhabitants in teams of around four to five players, earn experience and customize your gear, all while, according to the game's description, " respecting the law of Moreau" - which if we remember it right is walking like men and worshiping Moreau as a kind of living god.

It all sounds deliciously sinister, and you can check out some of the pre-Alpha footage above.