Draw Pokemon, Become World Famous Miiverse Artist, Profit.

By Richard Wordsworth on at

Pokémon isn't all about enslaving tiny woodland creatures and forcing them to beat each other into unconsciousness or set each other on fire - that's only mostly what it's about, almost all of the time, in almost every Pokémon game ever made.

We say 'almost', because now (or rather, from July 4th) there's Pokemon Art Academy - an altogether more gentile experience for 3DS and 2DS that will teach you how to draw and paint Pokemon with the stylus over a course of forty virtual lessons. We don't know whether they teach you to draw them beating each other into unconsciousness, but by the time you reach the fourth and final level of proficiency (called 'Graduate' level) you'll be so good that you'll probably be able to draw gouged eyes and broken femurs and all sorts without anyone even showing you how.

Once you've got the knack of sketching, you'll be able to upload your creations to the Miiverse and see how they stack up against works by other artists, or share them locally with other players. Sadly, we don't have any screenshots of the game to show you yet, so if you want an idea of what it will look like, try quickly drawing a picture of Pikachu right now on a bit of paper. See? It's awful. That's why you need this game.