Konami's Financial Report Might Explain Ground Zeroes

By Leon Hurley on at

Whatever you think of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes it's still a 20 minute demo, no matter how many times you replay it. Konami's just announced financial report could go some of the way to explaining why it slapped a tutorial in a box and tried to charged full price.

According to Gamasutra Konami's profits were halved in the last financial year (which ended on March 31st) from the previous 12 month's 13.2 billion yen (£76 million) to 6.2 billion yen (£35 million). The publisher is also predicting a further drop for its video game division's operating income, down to 10 billion yen (£57 million) from a previous 11.7 billion yen (£67 million).

All in all it sold 10.81 million games, compared to the previous year's 13.61 million. Apparently, the plan going forward is to make more phone and tablet games to boost earnings by releasing on more platforms.  There are also new titles on the way for E3, a promise of more MGS info, and Konami state that, "boosting PlayStation 4 and Xbox One development is key" for the future.