Xbox One's Indie Parity Clause Costs it More Games

By Kotaku on at

Remember those ominous rumblings that indies released first on other platforms might be barred from an Xbox One release? According to Digital Spy, it seems the latest victim of the dreaded 'ID@XBOX parity clause' is Curve Studios' entire upcoming line-up.

To be eligible for the ID@XBOX programme, a game has to either be exclusive to Xbox, or at the very least launch simultaneously with competing platforms (read: PlayStation and Wii U). So if, like MouseCraft, The Swapper, Titan Attacks! and Stealth Inc. 2, your game is coming to PlayStation or Wii U first, that's where it will stay - at least as far as Microsoft is concerned.

If you squint, you can just about see the logic. Sony said all the right things about indies at the launch of the PS4, and the Vita has become a haven for smaller developers since it launched back in early 2012. For Microsoft to compete, it needs exclusives - or at least a level playing field. Xbox One indies are coming, too - although in many cases, no-one's quite sure when.

For now, though, if you want to play MouseCraft, Titan Attacks! or The Swapper, you'll need a PS3, PS4 or a Vita, or a Wii U for Stealth Inc. 2.