The Last Of Us New DLC Pack Launching... Anytime Now, Really

By Kotaku on at

Good news for anyone still shivving their way through The Last Of Us' multiplayer mode: Sony are releasing a bunch of new DLC packs for the game's online players, including new skills, guns and four new maps, the latter of which look to be loosely based on stages from the single player story.

Also available will be the new Grounded Mode difficulty for the main story, which will reportedly make the game's enemies even more vicious than they already were already. Goody.

All the DLC packs - that's (deep breath in) The Reclaimed Territories Map Pack, the Professional Survival Skills Bundle, the Situational Survival Skills Bundle, the Survivalist Skills Bundle, and the Grounded Mode Difficulty - will be available to buy separately or free for season pass holders.

The trailer gives the release date as May 7th, so keep an eye on the PSN Store for the drop.

Take a look at the trailer below.