I'm Not Sure If I've Ever Been More Disappointed in a Game's Reveal

By Leon Hurley on at

A video showing Tony Hawk's Shred Session in action on iOS has revealed it to be another endless runner. I don't think those even count as games anymore. Lean into the screen: you can probably smell the disappointment.

I know that a team of people have probably worked very hard on this and I'm sorry for hating on it but the tedious and prolific re-skinning of the mechanic by licensed properties, combined with its (of course) free-to-play model, feel like everything that's wrong with mobile gaming - is it possible to make something with any less effort?

It's a non-game, a design so casually and consistently overused that it's worn thin to the point of translucency, stretching another well known face over a ready made template and then casting in the F2P pricing like a net in the hope of catching pennies thrown by the impatient and those who really want slightly different coloured trousers.

Of course, I could be wrong and this could go on to redefine moving slightly left and right as we know it. But I doubt it.

This is what the upcoming Tony Hawk game looks like - [Eurogamer]