Guys, Google Glass Only Costs £50 In Parts!

By Leon Hurley on at


I guess the other 800 odd quid must pay for the 'magic'. The analysis (via Ars Technica) has been called "completely wrong" by Google but unless the rest is made of children's dreams that's a huge difference between parts and product.

Here's the breakdown in pounds. Obviously exchange rates move around a bit but even in dollars the total's only around $70, way less than the current $1500 asking price.

  • Display £1.78
  • Battery £0.67
  • Camera £3.35
  • Connectivity £6.39
  • NAND £4.84
  • SDRAM £2.77
  • Processor £8.26
  • Power MGMT/Audio £2.08
  • Non-electric £8.07
  • Other £6.69
  • Supporting materials £1.04
  • Assembly & test £1.27

Total £47.21 is going to be working up a more detail analysis soon which should lead to a definitive costing. Apparently there's some discrepancy over the display which has been estimated anywhere between £1.87 to £17.75 depending on just how tricky it is to manufacture.

Report: Google Glass parts make up 5.3%—roughly $100—of $1,500 price tag - [Ars Technica]