Japan Thinks the New Godzilla Should Hit The Treadmill

By Toshi Nakamura on at

Hollywood's latest take on Godzilla is hitting cinemas next month, and while we've already heard some of Japan's response to the new and improved giant city-destroying monster, that was before they got a full picture. So what do they think of him now?

From Japan's largest internet forum, 2ch, while some think positively of the new design, the overwhelming response is that the king of monsters has been hitting the twinkies a little hard in his off time.

Did he get fat?

His neck looks like an American football athlete's.

Is this Sin from Final Fantasy X?

Out of shape Godzilla

He's gone Supersize Me.

That's what happens when all you do is eat and lay around.

Did he gain weight?

He got beefed up from the radiation at Fukushima


He's pudgy and cute.

He looks better than the previous Hollywood Godzilla

He's got no neck...

He looks like a komodo dragon

While the commenters are piling it on a little harsh about Zilla's figure, Matt Frank, artist for IDW's Godzilla: Rulers of Earth comic and long-time kaiju fanatic, had a counter-argument on the big guy's size. Said Frank, "It's a little ridiculous for anyone in Japan to complain that 'the American Godzilla is fat' - after all, he definitely had a heavy phase in the Heisei Era...."

Japan Thinks the New Godzilla Should Hit The Treadmill

... True that.

I guess we'll be able to pass final judgment when the new Godzilla movie hits cinemas on May 16th.

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