Watch My Hand Demo Salvaged

By Leon Hurley on at

The constraints of fitting Salvaged's two-screen shtick on camera means I'm not actually in this video, just my hand. It's a good hand though and it presses buttons well so I think you'll get on. Here it is guiding a four man team through an alien infested ship in search of loot and a black box.

First up: this is a very early build, little more than a demo for the concept and a fairly no frills example of the idea. It's still an interesting one though, creating a believably engaging interface well suited to the idea of being a commander monitoring a team in action. While developer Opposable Games are targeting PC (including twin and single screen options and an Oculus Rift build)  I really feel like I want to be playing this on the sofa, watching it all unfold on the TV instead of hunched over my PC. A console/second screen option somehow feels more natural and accessible here. There's a casual flavour to the action far more suited to the living room than a desk.

At this early stage it's hard to really judge much past the fact that it works and it is an interesting concept. There's the usual pitfall of any game with a powerful map in that I spent all the busy moments looking at that rather than the screen. The current character silence also denies the set up of any potential emotional involvment that desperate screams and shouting would add to the experience (I'm under no illusions about my command abilities. There would be screaming. Some of it mine). More powerful command options are also a must moving forward. I really wanted to be able to use some sort of playbook of moves that I could dish out instantly to the entire team - telling them to spread out, find cover, seal doors and so on.

But there you go: that's the game in action, leave a comment if you have any questions and check out the kickstarter page for more info.