New PlayStation Tech Demos Include Dynamic AR Lighting and Holographic Pets

By Leon Hurley on at

Sony Japan has shown some new AR prototypes. One, with virtual water being poured between jugs, is classic old school PlayStation Eye stuff while the other, showing digital characters dynamically lit by a real world torch, is a new idea. Then there's the 'HoloPop'.

The "VitaHoloPoP" above looks like combining a PS Vita with the Pepper's Ghost illusion to create hologram-like characters.  I've no idea what for but it could make an interesting conversation point if nothing else.  Something along the lines of 'what the hell's that?' Here's what Google translate says Sony thinks of it:

"I will propose a method for directing wonderful PS Vita figures that are [to] decorate your room. The figure in the future just is not only [to] decorate. A combination of a variety of technology, let's create together the content that you can enjoy together!"

Other demos include mention of some new AR card stuff under the guise of a 'trading card recognition' system which can "recognise [the] high-speed pattern of trading card[s], to display and play music and characters named after the card". There's also an airport diorama that lets you watch planes land and take off from the map.

Sony AR demos via Polygon