A 10-Year-Old Game With no Developer Gets Patch 9.0

By Leon Hurley on at

The love of some game's communities really is a beautiful thing occasionally. As reported by Rock Paper Shotgun, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines has just received patch 9.0. Ten years after the game released and nine years after developer, Troika, ceased to be.

Here's the list of new stuff:

Version Changelog: v9.0

  • +Added Heather to sewers for Nosferatu and improved new idle sounds.
  • +Made stealth killing Johnny possible when using Obfuscate level 5.
  • +Added possibility to keep the quick Nosferatu in the warrens alive.
  • +Cleaned Mercurio's apartment after a time and fixed a SM map hole.
  • +Added seven missing infobar sounds and created seven infobar icons.
  • +Restored drug stealing quest of Trip for one XP and Finance bonus.
  • +Removed Blood Guardian waterspray and made Lily's purse unsellable.
  • +Fixed bug with casting Bloodbuff breaking off lockpicking attempt.
  • +Raised high firearms book requirement to 9 and updated travel maps.
  • +Made Hallowbrook atrium barrels solid and enemies navigate better.
  • +Restored Justicar to Camarilla ending and Jack's face for LaSombra.
  • +Moved fire axe to crashing elevator top and fatguy to atrium exit.
  • +Restored unused models to Society of Leopold, warehouse and Zhao's.
  • +Changed library to combat zone and fixed rotunda decal flickering.
  • +Repaired hearing warehouse boss conversation twice and some floats.
  • +Made Nadia react to zombies damaging player and removed fake door.
  • +Gave Occult Nut a Scholarship bonus and fixed new discipline lines.
  • +Fixed icons at Giovanni mansion and made Bruno react to feed-kill.
  • Added modified trackerscheme into Extras to change Malkavian fonts.
  • Repaired Carson, Knox, Damsel, Yukie, Regent and Hatter dialogues.
  • Fixed two inverted textures and renamed Sheriff's warform Behemoth.
  • Restored three King's Way headrunner for Nosferatu and Malkavians.
  • Lowered McFly's float rate and fixed references to missing Heather.
  • Added documents to Extras to reveal where restorations originated.
  • Attached floor number to Empire Arms suite names in hotel computer.
  • Fixed three wrong loop sounds and moved a Mandarin line elsewhere.
  • Corrected some bug fixes that were lost in 8.9, thanks vladdmaster.
  • Restored blast door to Giovanni crypt and fixed tutorial door bug.
  • Improved Nosferatu Nines intro and map details, thanks vladdmaster.
  • Fixed sewer sound transitions on SM, Hollywood and Chinatown hubs.
  • Corrected two bad Lotus Blossom icons and lowered Skyeline humming.

Unofficial Patch 9.0 released! - [planetvampire.com]