Being a Pokémon Trainer vs Being a Pet Owner

By Patricia Hernandez on at

Pokémon games make being a Pokémon trainer look like an absolute fantasy—especially next to owning a real pet. And sure, there are some aspects about being a Pokémon trainer that aren't as messy as what comes with being a real pet owner.

You can heal 'mon free of charge. They come in all sorts of cool shapes and sizes—and sometimes, they're even legendary and magical. But still. Is being a Pokémon trainer actually better, Dorkly asks?

You'd be surprised.

Being a Pokémon Trainer vs Being A Pet Owner

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And to be fair, some people don't just throw away beloved Pokémon—thanks to the import and trading features, some people have digitally kept their creatures for nearly a decade or more. Maybe the bond wouldn't be as strong as surviving an actual pet, but people do care tons about their Pokémon, too!