9-year-old Saves Up For PS4, Spends it all on Smoke Detectors for the Needy After House Fire Deaths

By Leon Hurley on at

A boy in Dallas spent all his savings, money originally tagged for a PS4, on 100 smoke detectors for disadvantaged families after hearing about a mother and child who died in a fire. He's nine and already he's a better person than all of us.

Hector Montoya had apparently saved up for over a year to get the money but after hearing of the tragedy he teamed up with the local Grand Prairie Fire Department to install 100 smoke detectors in local homes. "I was going to buy a PlayStation but I decided saving a life was more important 'cause one life lost is too many,” Hector apparently told NBC.  Again, nine.

And in an extra special happy ending he still got his PS4 when members of the local community clubbed together and bought him one.

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