Todd Stashwick Recast in Uncharted. One More Out of Naughty Dog

By Leon Hurley on at

While not technically a member of the studio, Todd Stashwick was the only named cast member of Uncharted 4. Now he's apparently been recast, joining Amy Hennig, Justin Richmond and Nate Wells as a member of the 'not a Dog anymore' club.

“They chose to recast my role,” is all Stashwick has said to IGN. Considering his high profile role in the first teaser trailer and a tweet from Hennig (below) implying he was at least in the early stages of mo-cap there has to been a good reason. Sony has yet to comment.

Hennig, writer and creative director behind the Uncharted series, never gave a reason for leaving Naughty Dog and has since taken up a position at Visceral Games working on an EA Star Wars project. Stashwick recently joined her as co-writer. Similarly Richmond and Wells have not talked about why they left, joining Riot Games and Giant Sparrow respectively.

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