Ten Things You Might Not Know About Sonic The Hedgehog

By Patricia Hernandez on at

Trivia time! How much do you know about gaming's speedy little hedgehog?

Perhaps you already know, for example, that his shoes are partially based on Michael Jackson's boots in the song Bad, and you might even know that Michael Jackson worked on music for Sonic 3. Oh, but these facts by Alltime10s also get a tad esoteric, touching on curious stuff like:

  • What inspiration the Sonic took from Bill Clinton
  • How he was originally named Mr. Needlemouse and was also the lead singer of a band who had a HUMAN GIRLFRIEND
  • How the first time he appeared in a game was as an air freshener in a racing game, In what way Super Mario influenced Sonic
  • How there's a gene named after Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Why Knuckles is special
  • How there was almost a Sonic RPG that followed his sister
  • How Eggman was almost Sega's mascot
  • The reason Sonic drowns easily is because one of the developers didn't know that hedgehogs can swim
The video, naturally, goes in a bit more detail about these things—so it's worth a watch, as you might learn a thing or two.