A Complete Guide to the Most Useful Skill in Dark Souls 2

By Chris Person on at

There's no offence like a good defence, particularly when it comes to a game like Dark Souls II.

And anyone who's fought other people in Dark Souls II knows that parrying your enemies attacks is a clutch skill. Luckily, there's a video for you.

YouTuber Juutas has taken the time to create a half-hour tutorial showing how to parry most of the rolling and running attacks in the game. He breaks down exactly how to parry and when, with everything from a buckler to your bare fists. It's full of great examples, and is pretty handy for anyone who plans to PvP.

Also, this video is just strangely so soothing to watch. It's just half an hour of flawless parrying, accompanied by the repeated dull bass hit of a job well done. It's like a Dark Souls II ASMR video, a metaphorical kitten massage for your beleaguered brain.

A Complete Guide To Dark Souls II's Most Useful Skill

Juutas via r/Dark Souls 2