Salvaged Lets You be Gorman From Aliens. I Bet You Feel Safer Already

By Leon Hurley on at

Remember the bit in Aliens where Gorman's watching the marines' camera feeds and completely loses his sh*t as it all kicks off? Salvaged is exactly that.

It's from Bristol-based Opposable Games and it's just started a Kickstarter to fund what it calls 'dual screen tactical action'. It places you as the leader of a deep space salvage team, letting you use a tablet to control your troops via a map as you watch their camera feeds on your PC. Only without Ripley to help when the training fails under combat pressure.

There's a whiff of XCOM about it too with talk of permadeath and hiring replacements for any lost crew while maintaining and upgrading both - bigger engines let you reach better wrecks for example, improved scanners provide more info on threats and value, and so on. It also takes place in a randomly generated and apparently infinite universe. Check out the Kickstarter pitch and some gameplay from Rezzed below.

You can find out more about Salvaged here and check out the Kickstarter here.