Son Dies While His Father Plays Online Games

By András Neltz on at

Tragic news out of South Korea. A young father allegedly let his two-year-old son die due to negligence. The reason? The father was apparently spending all his time gaming.

According to Yonhap News(via tipster Sang), a 22-year-old man with the last name Chung had been living apart from his wife due to financial difficulties. The wife got a job at a factory, and she moved into the factory's dorms, leaving her husband with their young son.

The couple had met via an online game while still in school.

However, Daegu city police states that Chung would spend his days and nights at internet cafes, playing online games. He would only check in on his two-year-old every two or three days, feeding the child and then leaving to head off to another PC bang (net cafe) or a sauna house, where he could bathe.

On March 7, Chung allegedly found his son dead. He finally disposed of the body in a trash bag on April 11. When his wife asked where their son was, he said the child was with a babysitter. Chung apparently continued going to net cafes and playing PC games. Kukinews (also via Sang) states that Chung was playing League of Legends and Sudden Attack.

Yonhap News reports that Chung has confessed to causing his son's death.

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