Battlefield 4 Bug Kills You When You Try to Shoot

By Patricia Hernandez on at

Talk about game-breaking: apparently, if you happen to have a revivable dead body standing between you and an enemy in Battlefield 4, there's a chance that downed enemy will eat your bullets—or worse, bounce something dangerous like a grenade or an RPG back into your face.

If you've been having trouble killing people in Battlefield 4 for seemingly no reason, or if your own weaponry has been mysteriously killing you, maybe this bug—which is showcased in the video above by jackfrags—is to blame. Jack Frags calls the bug the "death shield." Thankfully, if a body disappears, the shot is likely to start connecting again.

But until that happens, you can have situations where someone dies in/near a vehicle or person...which you can't destroy or kill because the death shield is absorbing all the damage. That's no good!

Hopefully DICE patches this ridiculous bug out soon.

Death Shield - Battlefield 4[jackfrags]