Pictures of an Actual Radioactive Wasteland

By Leon Hurley on at

This is Fukushima. After the 2011 tsunami caused explosions and partial meltdowns at its nuclear reactor the place's been a no-go, with radioactivity making visits of more than a few hours dangerous. Because of this a group called Drone Adventures has teamed up with local government to help photograph the area and the ongoing clean up process. These photos are from Iidate village (one of the worst affected areas thanks to being downwind of reactor units 3 & 4 when they exploded), Tomioka (10km from the power station) and Hisanohama, which suffered more from the tsunami.

One of the largest problems facing the clean up involves the masses of contaminated soil that need to be removed and stored safely. You can see those in the image full of blue bags.

Fukushima, A Drone’s-Eye View [Drone Adventures]