Seven Things You Might Have Missed About Greninja's Smash Reveal

By Patricia Hernandez on at

Remember the Nintendo Direct we watched yesterday, which focused on Smash Bros? It contained more information than what Nintendo actually talked about. But if you pay close enough attention, you can catch some cool stuff hidden in the footage.

Take Greninja, for example. He might not be Mewtwo, but he's still pretty interesting! GameXplain proves this by going through Greninja's footage with with a fine-toothed comb, ultimately making a video that does neat things like:

  • Breaking down how he's a fast, mobile character with some good high priority moves and a curious recovery
  • A closer look at his teleportation and counter moves
  • Discussing his substitute move and whether or not he'll sacrifice health to use it, like in Pokemon games
  • Analysing his normal attacks
  • How he not only dual wields katanas, he also uses shuriken—a move that may charge
  • The special moves that aren't based on Pokémon moves, but rather specially made for Smash
  • The special Elite Four stages

And more. Well-worth a watch if you're curious about this new fighter.

Super Smash Bros. Analysis: Greninja Trailer (Secrets & Hidden Details - Wii U & 3DS)[GameXplain]