Armello is One of the Prettiest (and Most Interesting) Games of 2014

By Luke Plunkett on at

Wow. It's been nearly two years since we first saw Armello, an Australian game that I said at the time was like Game of Thrones, only with animals. Two years of development since that impressive debut trailer have led to a game that doesn't just look great, but sounds great too.

Armello is an RPG that's also a combination of a card and board game, and it's coming for PC and iPad. Think a turn-based strategy/RPG game like Fire Emblem, only things are governed by a deck of cards, which for someone who spends his time alternating between card/tabletop games and turn-based strategy sounds just about perfect.

Other things putting a smile on my face: the dice you roll in the game use real physics (so they bounce around like real ones), there's no class system (characters simply evolve as you play) and each cards isn't just gorgeous, they're animated.

Armello Is One Of The Prettiest (And Most Interesting) Games Of 2014

Armello's Kickstarter page has the complete breakdown of the mechanics of the game, but it's those visuals (the art and character design in particular) that are flooring me. It's like Mouse Guard and Mini Ninjas (two of my eyes' favourite things) got together and decided to make a game.

Developers League of Geeks even know how to do their Kickstarter rewards properly, offering genuinely useful/appealing stuff like soundtracks, comics and art books.

Armello Is One Of The Prettiest (And Most Interesting) Games Of 2014

You can check out some gameplay gifs, and more details, below.

Armello - Bringing Tabletop Adventures to Life [Kickstarter]