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Hello and welcome to Kotaku UK. It’s still the Kotaku you know, but in addition to all the great stuff that comes out of the US, we bring you original posts during UK hours, and rejig things a little so that news, deals and spellings are more relevant to you. It’s Kotaku, then, but MORE. That’s got to be a good thing.

Kotaku is about three things: original reporting, gaming culture, and humour. It’s about seeing games differently. The fact that Kotaku doesn’t rely on review scores and exclusive previews means that we can cover games differently, too. We hope that what you see here is a genuinely unique and interesting take on the fascinating world of video games and the people who make and play them.

We won a Games Media Award in 2014 for Best Editorial Team - Online. We were terribly proud. Then we won it again in 2016! Shucks you guys.

Kotaku’s other international sites are Kotaku US, Kotaku Australia, Kotaku Japan and Kotaku Brazil. Visit them! It’s like travelling the world, only easier.

Kotaku UK Staff

Richard Stanton, Editor

Richard has spent the last decade writing about videogames, and still isn't bored of it. He began his career on Edge magazine, becoming features editor before going freelance — during which time he wrote a proper book, A Brief History of Videogames, so no-one could accuse him of just sitting around in his pants all day playing Dark Souls. He has written for outlets including the Guardian, Eurogamer, and Vice.

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Alistair Jones, News Editor

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Kim Snaith, Production Editor

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