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Elite Might Make it to Consoles

By Leon Hurley on at

"Frontier has our own tools and technology that covers PC, Mac, consoles and mobile, so we would be foolish not to look at other platforms. We haven't announced specific [Elite: Dangerous] platforms yet, but it is clearly something we will plan to do." David Braben

How The Alien in Alien: Isolation Works

By András Neltz on at

The best kind of horror game doesn't need any guns. It doesn't need to scare you with difficult enemy encounters and shock value. Sometimes, silence is scarier than all of that. That's a lot of what Alien: Isolation is about

Here's What July's Xbox Update is Bringing

By Leon Hurley on at

Microsoft's released a shortlist of new features for July's Xbox One update. Come next month you'll be able to snap and re-order achievements, as well as access the snap centre with a double tap. There's also a new ability to 'like' game clips. Here are the details and a quick demo vid.