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Pixel Trek Will End Your Day

By Leon Hurley on at

You've got, oh don't know, forever free right? Pixel Trek is a tiny digital Enterprise you're free to explore as Data. There's no goal other than discovering familiar areas, characters or references, and that's something you can easily lose hours doing.

£373 Buys You a Foot High Chocobo

By Leon Hurley on at

You know, for just shy of £400 I was hoping this Chocobo would be way taller. Although Esty maker MiraCrafts does mention "every feather is cut and placed by hand" so I guess you're paying for the craft.

Pirate DOOM is ARRRRRRRRR-right

By Leon Hurley on at

Not only does this Doom 2 mod put eye patches and pirate hats on everything and replace guns with things like flintlocks and cannons, but it's actual piracy - using sprites, music and textures from games like Monkey Island, Rayman and Heretic.