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The Best British Indie Games (That I Played)

By Leon Hurley on at

You've still got a couple of days to catch the Radius Festival today and tomorrow and I thoroughly recommend it. Loads of interesting indie games to play, devs to meet and generally great fun all round. I couldn't see everything (and sorry if I missed you) but here's the stuff I did see and really enjoyed.

£395.00 Buys You a Pretty Sweet Laser Rifle

By Leon Hurley on at

As far as replica guns go this Fallout laser rifle is beautifully crafted. Handmade from wood, resin and fiberglass by Esty seller Thomosotom you get what you pay for because at £395 plus £70 postage and packing HOLY CRAP that's an expensive decoration.

Master Chief Gets a Road Legal Helmet

By Leon Hurley on at

Helmet, he. Sorry. Anyway, if you really do want to ride around looking like Master Chief then your chance is coming when this thing arrives in 2015. It's from NECA and it's DOT approved, although that only makes it street legal in the US so far.


Cloud Chamber is Like Reddit: The Game

By Leon Hurley on at

Four scrapped intro paragraphs later and I’m still struggling to sum up Cloud Chamber. It’s an MMO mystery you solve with video clips, text files and getting your comments upvoted. It’s Reddit: The Game, only with murder. And possibly aliens.

The Metro Takes on Microsoft's Phil Spencer

By Keza MacDonald on at

"You’re all caught in this endless pattern of starting out at the bottom, trying to do your best to appeal to core gamers, then as you get more and more successful you begin to feel you need the core less and less. And then you peak, and you start to reject them and you try and pursue other demographics, but that never works and so you carry on back down the curve until you have to climb back up by courting the core once again." The Metro takes on Microsoft's Phil Spencer.