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Elite Might Make it to Consoles

By Leon Hurley on at

"Frontier has our own tools and technology that covers PC, Mac, consoles and mobile, so we would be foolish not to look at other platforms. We haven't announced specific [Elite: Dangerous] platforms yet, but it is clearly something we will plan to do." David Braben

Pixel Trek Will End Your Day

By Leon Hurley on at

You've got, oh don't know, forever free right? Pixel Trek is a tiny digital Enterprise you're free to explore as Data. There's no goal other than discovering familiar areas, characters or references, and that's something you can easily lose hours doing.

£373 Buys You a Foot High Chocobo

By Leon Hurley on at

You know, for just shy of £400 I was hoping this Chocobo would be way taller. Although Esty maker MiraCrafts does mention "every feather is cut and placed by hand" so I guess you're paying for the craft.