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Enough Already! We Get it

By Leon Hurley on at

EA are teasing something. I'm not sure. Possibly an announcement of some sort relating to a Plant Vs Zombies style game. Possibly coming to a PlayStation kinda console. Maybe. I don't know. After the BattleField Hardline stuff yesterday I thought we weren't meant to talk about stuff?

A Developer's-Eye View of Steam's Early Access

By Leon Hurley on at

Steam's Early Access program has had a bad run in the past few weeks with scammy titles and abrupt cancellations. But what's it like to be part of it as a developer? I spoke to Maia dev Simon Roth about the program and what it means to a small indie studio.

The Best Way to Explain a Silly Reboot

By Luke Plunkett on at

Wolfenstein is a game I like very much, a game that in spite of its rough edges and occasional tonal missteps is so full of charm and character that you can't help but put your arm around its shoulder and ruffle its hair every time you see it.