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By András Neltz on at

A Serene View From Just Cause 3

A serene view from Just Cause 3. Of course, Rico will likely take over the chopper in the next minute or so and drop it on the heads of several panicking soldiers. All in a day's work. The picture's part of a batch of 21 new screenshots recently sent out by Square Enix—you can find the other 20 within.

If Only Michael Bay's Transformers Had Looked Like This

By Luke Plunkett on at

Would it have been that hard for the designers on Michael Bay's Transformers movies to do something like this work by Carlos Nuñez de Castro Torres? This Starscream has some of the organic complexity they went for, but by casing it in blocky "armour" like the cartoon series, it strikes a nice balance between update and homage.