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By Gergo Vas on at

Lord Ghirahim to Get Smash Bros. Bit Part

Hyrule Warriors won't be the only Wii U game where Demon Lord Ghirahim will make an appearance. Masahiro Sakurai revealed Skyward Sword's antagonist as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Wii U. Skull Kid, Midna and now Ghirahim... that's a lot of assist trophies from Zelda games.

A Classy Isometric Minecraft Build

By Gergo Vas on at

Minecraft screenshots always look so great when they're isometric and the buildings have this classic strategy game feel. Just like this one by superhoiee. It reminds me buildings from the first Settlers game or larger castles from Age of Empires.

From Warcraft to...Surfing?

By Luke Plunkett on at

In addition to his video game stuff, however, Craig Harris has also illustrated a cool children's book (The Adventures of the Mighty Nomad) about...a kid going surfing. As someone who is buried up to his neck in books about animals, farm animals, cars and princesses, it's always nice to see something a bit more unique.