Below Looks Lonely, So Lonely

By Luke Plunkett on at

In case you've forgotten all about it since its debut at least year's E3, Below is an upcoming roguelike from the some of the guys who made Sword & Sworcery. This is the game's PAX trailer.

By Leon Hurley on at

What started as a NeoGAF thread called "Capture the WORST screenshots of otherwise gorgeous games!" is rapidly devolving into a Nathan Drake bad face meme generator. At this point it's gone full circle where it was kinda funny, then not funny anymore and now it's funny again.

By Leon Hurley on at

This is Fukushima. After the 2011 tsunami caused explosions and partial meltdowns at its nuclear reactor the place's been a no-go, with radioactivity making visits of more than a few hours dangerous.