Lego Batman 3 is Here and He's Going Into Spaaaaaaaaaaace

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Here's your first look at Traveller's Tales' third brick-based Batman, Beyond Gotham. The latest in the series builds on the suits of the last installment but takes the action into space, including some very Resogun-like shooting sections - ironically with a less blocky appearance than the original source.

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This Wolf Among Us Cosplay is undoubtedly good, but how much are you allowed to add in post production before it's cheating? In my view if you can't go out in real life and show it off that's too far. This just about scrapes through that check.

The Best Cosplay from MCM Expo London

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Man, there was some classy and creative cosplay at this weekend's MCM Expo. And Samus. There's always Samus. Here are some of the best pictures from the event courtesy of Conventional Characters and our own Keza.

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Ivan Khomenko is one of the artists at One Pixel Brush, a relatively new studio that specialises in concept art for all kinds of video game companies.