When Games PR Stunts Went Mad

By Leon Hurley on at

Back in the early 2000s one company ruled when it came to getting attention. From pigeons trained to ruin Wimbledon to people paid to change their names to Turok, Acclaim was the king of press-baiting PR.

By Leon Hurley on at

Doom has just turned 21. To celebrate the event, one of the original creators, John Romero, has just tweeted so, so much unseen concept art, textures, scans and more.

Guns, Guns & More Guns (And Knives, And Bows)

By Luke Plunkett on at

Far Cry 4's guns didn't just fall into the game by accident. Someone had to build them. And one of those people was Ubisoft artist Greg Rassam. Click through to see his excellent grenade launchers, shotguns, snipers, knives – and more – in stunning detail.