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Blizzard Tried to Embed a Giant, Fake Axe in the Side of its Office Building

By Nathan Grayson on at

Blizzard tried to embed a giant, fake axe in the side of its office building. The company commissioned a massive replica of Gorehowl, an axe from World of Warcraft, for an ad display. Afterward, Blizzard considered plunging it into its building in Irvine, California as decoration, I learned while visiting the Blizzard campus for an event today. Unfortunately, the Irvine Company wouldn’t allow it.


Vandals is a turn-based graffiti game.

By Nathan Grayson on at

Vandals is a turn-based graffiti game. You sneak around cities like Tokyo and Paris while avoiding cops, dogs, and other authorities who hate it when walls look cool. The game will include works from over 40 real-life street artists and teach players how they’ve influenced culture. It’ll be out next month.