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Who Watches The Watch Dogs? Oh, She Does.

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Fabien Troncal is an artist who has worked for a while now at Ubisoft, first at the company's Paris studio and now in Montreal. A lot of the stuff he does is promotional and production art, meaning he works on the kind of images you see on posters, or website ads, or magazine covers, or game store advertisements.

The Story Behind Goat Simulator

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"We actually bought all the graphical assets off the internet. I think we bought the goat for twenty dollars on the internet. It was on sale, 75 per cent off." If you only read one more thing on the internet, ensure it's this, on how Goat Simulator was made.



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Paradox? Grand Strategy? World War Two? A new Hearts of Iron game? Be still, my beating heart.

When the Aliens Invade, be Nice to Them

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Ben Mauro is an artist who has got to work on, well, all kinds of cool stuff. Elysium, The Hobbit, Man of Steel, Spider-Man 2, even the new Call of Duty. These images are from a variety of projects: some personal (the alien stuff is his take on what an alien "invasion" could look like), others professional (like Luc Besson's LUCY).