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Today's Best Reads From Our Other Sites

Today on our other sites, Gizmodo UK reckons that 4K is the next dumb format war, a guru whose followers claim he's just meditating REALLY hard may actually be dead, and the week's best iPhone, iPad and Android apps are laid out for your perusal. Meanwhile on Lifehacker UK, there's a diet to beat jet lag, a list of the top 10 essential Windows apps, and the launch of #worksmarteruk, an initiative designed to save us all time on everyday stuff.

Wasteland 2 Out at the End of August

By Keza MacDonald on at

Wasteland 2 - the REAL next Fallout game, if you ask any long-term fan of post-apocalyptic RPG goodness - is coming out at the end of August. What's more, on Saturday, they're streaming it live from London's MCM Comic Con.