Ubisoft Sends Out Political Email For The Division 2, A Game That Is Definitely Not Political

By Luke Plunkett on at

Ubisoft would like you to know that The Division 2, a game with a deeply political setting, is not a political statement. Which is weird, because earlier today the publisher sent out a political email about it.

Two emails in total were sent to fans of the game. The first was advertising the upcoming private beta, and while the content of the email was just regular hype cycle stuff, the subject line read:

Come see what a real government shutdown looks like in the Private Beta

Not a great choice of words. It’s not that funny even in isolation, but considering how many hundreds of thousands of Americans (and their families!) suffered through the shutdown, it was also in pretty poor taste.

So a follow-up email was sent out a few hours later, which read:

It is very AAA video games that a game with such a bizarre aversion to owning its own politics ends up getting political via a “grave breakdown in process”.