Taiko Drum Master Switch's Drum Peripheral is Coming to Europe

By Laura Kate Dale on at

After a lengthy series of leaks and accidental early announcements, last month we finally saw the official reveal of a UK port of Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'N' Fun!, the newest Taiko Drum Master game, for the Nintendo Switch.

At the time, no announcement was made about the game's drum peripheral, which is available in Japan and allows for physical drumming as opposed to use of the Joy-Cons as virtual hitting sticks. We now know, thanks to an official press release, that the drum peripheral will be available in the UK on the same day the game launches, but we do not know price or availability for the peripheral yet.

We also learned the game's full UK track list, and it's pretty big. The track list, shared below, features Nintendo tracks, J-Pop, and anime theme tunes, and appears to be the full Japanese track list for the game.

Drum 'N' Fun! will hit the Switch on November 2nd 2018, in both physical and digital versions.