There's a Horizon: Zero Dawn Board Game Coming to Kickstarter

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you're into the idea of a board game about murdering robot dinosaurs with cyber-bows, then the following news might be up your alley. Developed by Sony in conjunction with Steamforged, a Horizon: Zero Dawn board game is coming soon to Kickstarter.

Steamforged were the company behind the Dark Souls board game, which while complex did manage to capture much of the spirit of the original source video game.

Mat Hart, Creative Director of Steamforged Games, had this to say about the project:

“As huge Horizon Zero Dawn™ fans, we could not be more excited to be given the honour of developing a board game which will allow fans to explore this incredible world in a new and unique way. Horizon Zero Dawn™ represents an incredible achievement in the videogame world and a much-beloved universe for fans all over the world. Many of the staff at Steamforged have been in love with Horizon Zero Dawn™ since it was first released, and so have an intimate understanding of what makes it so appealing and enthralling. With this game we’re going to give players a compelling new way to play and experience this amazing video game.”

While we don't know exactly when the Kickstarter is launching, that game miniature up top does look pretty fab.