This Roller Coaster Does Maths And It’s Freaking Me Out

By Gita Jackson on at

An intrepid RollerCoaster Tycoon player has made a working calculator out of roller coasters. This incredible build combines my two least favourite things: maths, and dropping from somewhere high up.

Most of the time when I play Rollercoaster Tycoon, I’m just trying to make roller coasters that don’t kill people. Redditor LordMartel, however, has made a roller coaster that can add or multiply single-digit numbers, which is by far the most impressive build I have ever seen.

LordMartel goes into more details about how the calculator-ride works in this image gallery. The most amusing part of the process is that in order to get the correct answer, two train cars need to collide into each other, causing one of them to explode and sending the other to the correct answer. Maths has never been so exciting or deadly. Martel has provided a save file you can use to try out this calculator yourself.

(Thanks to Kotaku reader Kees Tijsen for the tip!)