Fortnite's Time Rifts Are Now Depositing New Items Onto the Map

By Laura Kate Dale on at

In the ramp up to Fortnite Season 5 starting later this week, a bunch of cracks in space and time have been appearing across the map. First there was the big crack in the sky, then smaller cracks started consuming items like this motel sign, and now we've seen evidence of rifts depositing new items onto the map.

This video, uploaded to Reddit, shows an ol' timey wagon materialising on the map, adding further fuel to the theories that these rifts are building to some sort of time travel theme or mechanic for Season 5.

We're assuming that over the next 72 hours before Season 5 kicks off we're going to see increasing numbers of in game items removed, and replaced with items from differing time periods. It's not long now until we'll get to see what this has all be leading up to.