[UPDATE: Confirmed!] According to Microsoft's Online Store, Darksiders III Releases 27th November

By Laura Kate Dale on at

As of late, Microsoft's online store lists have been a great source of information on when video games are going to release. It was where we first learned Morrowind would be backwards compatible on Xbox Onethe release date for Shenmue and Shenmue 2's HD ports, and now it seems they've let us know when Darksiders III is going to be releasing.

While publisher THQ Nordic has not given a release date for Darksiders III beyond simply 2018, TrueAchievements spotted a trio of store listings on the Microsoft store for three editions of the game, all releasing on 26th November.

The standard edition comes with a bonus armour skin for preordering. The Deluxe edition comes with two free pieces of post launch DLC, the preorder armour skin, access a day early to the game if you preorder, and a 10% discount again for those who preorder the game. The Blades and Whips edition comes with everything from the deluxe edition, plus a copy of the first two Darksiders games, playable from 26th November.

While this is not yet officially confirmed, the batch of new information about editions of the game suggests that this is highly likely to be an accurate release date for the game.

Update 10/07: THQ Nordic confirmed the release date yesterday evening – it is indeed out on 27th November.