PUBG Map Selection is Coming to Xbox One Later This Summer

By David Meikleham on at

Fornite may have achieved burger-spawning world domination, but that doesn't mean PUBG isn't getting exciting new additions to keep it relevant.

Image: Variety

Later in the summer, a new update will allow Xbox One players to choose between Erangel, Miramar, and the upcoming Sanhok, which went live on PC in late June, thanks to a map selection feature.

Before that, the Xbox One version will also receive patches to improve performance - which can still stutter terribly on Microsoft's machine - that's due out next week.

Longer term, Bluehole also wants to include limb penetration, which it hopes will help resolve sporadic issues with bullets failing to register, even after you've clearly pumped a fellow stranded survivor full of lead.

For more details on upcoming changes to PUBG on Xbox One, check out the battle royale's official forums.

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