Just In Case You Ever Wanted A Game Made Out Of Marble

By Luke Plunkett on at

This is A Maze, a piece by artist Marco Iannicelli. It’s a game made of solid marble, so for once you can’t complain about the build quality.

Via Design Milk, he calls it “the world’s first both analogue and electric gaming console in marble”, the technicality being that while you’re controlling a typically analogue experience (the game is a ball maze), it’s actually moved via a joystick and electronics.

“This game device removes the boundary between space and time for the user”, Iannicelli says of his creation. ‘A Maze’ playfully illustrates the complexity of the space-time continuum and makes it understandable and tangible.”

Cool, cool, but I’m mostly here for that marble. More game machines out of marble, please. Maybe a Neo Geo. Or a PSX re-release, which would be perfect.