All Past Smash Bros. Characters are Getting Amiibo for Ultimate

By Laura Kate Dale on at

When Smash Bros. released on the Wii U and 3DS, we got a huge release of amiibo figures for every single fighter in the game, allowing players to get cheap, easily affordable figurines of their favourite characters. Well, assuming they were lucky and got to the store before they sold out and were only available at inflated prices on eBay, that is.

With Smash Bros. Ultimate containing every character from the Wii U and 3DS games, plus every character from past entries in the series, it has been a question for a little while if some of these returning characters would see amiibo support. We now know that the answer is yes, for every one of them.

Every character from a past game that's being added to Smash Bros. Ultimate will have an amiibo released, according to a statement made on the Japanese Nintendo website, and translated by Twinfinite.

While Ice Climbers and Pichu were mentioned by name, all returning fighters were confirmed to be getting figures. It's unclear at this time how Pokémon Trainer will be handled, as the character will have male and female variants in ultimate, each featuring three different Pokémon.