Valve's Selling Steam Links for £2, But Watch Out for the P&P Charge

By Rich Stanton on at

There I was, idly browsing the Steam Summer Sale and thinking about how great Valve is, when my eyes nearly popped out of my head. The Steam Link, a device for playing your PC games on the telly, has been reduced from £39.99 to a piffling £2!! The price is right!

I bounced into our team's Slack channel, giddy with excitement and praising Gaben to the skies. Production editor Kim, a wise and wily sort, immediately dropped the bomb: p&p charges of £7. Seven Earth pounds! That's right, the Seattle techno-nerds had performed some dark magic, but there's no fooling our Kim. Those latte-sipping snakes, I thought.

Then I realised this is still a pretty good deal, even if it reminded me of my teenage years buying comic books on eBay. You always had to watch out for those villains who went for the p&p charges to top themselves up, getting fat on the profit of £4 for a 50p stamp and an envelope. But I'm sure this isn't like that.

Anyway if you fancy trying out a PC streaming box (which can also be an awesome arcade cabinet) then the £9.40 total for a Steam Link and UK delivery is officially Not Bad. Do note that, due to "high order volume", it may take longer than the estimated 4-8 days to arrive.

There's also a 33% discount on the Steam Controller, which is certainly original but tends to divide opinion. You can, if so inclined, bundle the Steam Link with the Steam Controller for a slightly less-impulsive price of £42.95, £13.60 of which is shipping charges. Fourteen quid Kim! Not on our watch.