For National Selfie Day, Let Us Admire Rabbid Peach's Instagram

By Laura Kate Dale on at

This article re-works the author's original piece from Let's Play Video Games

When Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle released last year, one of Ubisoft's new characters undeniably stole the show. Rabbid Peach, the high-class, slightly self-obsessed queen of perfection, was perhaps best known for her fondness for taking selfies. She's taking selfies in trailers for the game, when getting attacked by bosses, even in official statues. Rabbid Peach is the video game industry's undisputed queen of selfies, and her Instagram account is a thing of particular beauty.

The Rabbid Peach Instagram account was originally a fairly generic Rabbids account not tied to this specific Rabbid, at least not by name. It’s very easy to hand-wave away any content on the account prior to the announcement of Kingdom Battle as not relevant to discussions of Rabbid Peach, but I think it’s far more interesting if we assume, for the sake of argument, that this is one consistent Instagram account that was always operated by a single Rabbid, whom we now know as Rabbid Peach.

Why do I think that's more interesting? Well, it paints a picture of a transgender character who used selfies as a form of body positivity during turbulent times.

The Instagram account was officially launched around three years before Kingdom Battle was revealed. Kingdom Battle had, reportedly, been in development for three years prior to being unveiled. The dates don’t lie.

Let’s start with Rabbid Peach’s earliest Instagram post.

Here we see Rabbid Peach with facial hair and an earth tone scarf. Pairing the scarf and the glasses Rabbid Peach here displays a look traditionally attributed to the “male hipster” stereotype. This is Rabbid Peach four years ago, in April 2014, trying her hardest to appear outwardly masculine. This is before she’s ready to come out as a woman.

Skip ahead a month, and Rabbid Peach is testing the waters on covering more feminine topics on her Instagram account.

Sure she’s posting other people’s fan art rather than showing her own painted nails or anything, but she’s beginning to dabble with female-targeted content on her Instagram feed. As you can see in the comments, people saw the content as funny, not something to be taken seriously. This may play a part in why Rabbid Peach avoids feminine content in serious, and not played for laughs, contexts for a while.

Skip ahead a few months, and Rabbid Peach’s next experiment with posting feminine-related content is a step I can certainly relate to as a trans woman: posting photos of herself dressed in traditionally feminine items of clothing, but totally as a silly joke. Hahaha, how funny, this is definitely a silly goof and not Rabbid Peach testing the waters on presentation.

Once again, the commenters primarily find it funny.

Rabbid Peach continues to feel she would be mocked.

Interestingly, September of 2014 may showcase a week where Rabbid Peach attempted to tell the world that she was trans. She certainly wasn’t out in the workplace, but she may well have been socially, outside of her workplace, at the weekends.

She starts the work week in the closet. She puts on her button-up shirt and tie, getting herself for another work week not out to the world. But when the weekend rolls around…

Off comes the disguise, revealing the feminine clothing underneath. Rip away the surface layers of masculinity, and there’s a woman rabbid just waiting to break free and shine.

You go Rabbid Peach, you work that weekend wardrobe.

For the next roughly two years, the account doesn’t really acknowledge female identity much. For years the account becomes a place for silly movie spoof images she took with others, but not much else. That remains the status quo until December 2016, around the time that details about Kingdom Battle were starting to leak in earnest. This was the moment that Rabbid Peach knew the reveal of her game was incoming, so she needed to start her own coming out.

She chose to do this at a new years eve party. She wore a simple pearl necklace. She didn’t make a wacky joke face in the picture: this is about as serious as rabbids get. She just shyly posted a picture. Nobody mocked her in this time and, finally, Rabbid Peach was taken seriously by the world.

Now, I know you may still be skeptical that this account has been Rabbid Peach all along, but I have a piece of Instagram evidence from the same night to link this Rabbid to Rabbid Peach.

Remember this rubber duck with the spiked collar. This is the key to us linking pre-Kingdom Battle Instagram posts to Rabbid Peach. This December 31st, 2016 rubber duck is pivotal for this whole expose.

If you look at pictures from later in the night, Rabbid Peach’s friends seem to have very quickly accepted her for who she is. That, or she’s taking part in something deceptively dirty. That’s up for you all to judge I guess, based on the facial expressions involved.

From here, Rabbid Peach gets a LOT more confident about posting as herself. In Febuary for example she refers to herself as a female member of a royal family and takes a shot meant to mimic the Beyonce pregnancy photo that was doing the rounds at the time.

Then, we get to reveal day, Rabbid Peach’s first official public outing on June 13th. Rabbid Peach updates her social media profiles to her new name, posts a bunch of female-presenting pictures of herself, and basks in her new body-positivity. She’s out, she’s happy and she’s beautiful. She’s not ashamed of who she was before and she’s ready to love herself and let the world see that she loves herself via the medium of countless selfies.

However, what of the spiked collar rubber duck?

June 13th proves, via the presence of the spiked collar rubber duck, that Pearl Rabbid is Rabbid Peach. The photos from before Kingdom Battle was revealed are of the same Rabbid. I rest my case your honour.

So, there you have it, undeniable evidence that, over the past few, Ubisoft has been laying deliberate groundwork to tell the story of trans woman Rabbid Peach. This is why I love Rabbid Peach's story on this National Selfie Day. She's well known for her selfies, and they can be read as a sweet and heart-warming story of someone using photography to build self-confidence and, eventually, acquire the confidence to be who she is.