You Can Now Filter PUBG Twitch Streams By How Many Players are Still Alive

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you've got 20 minutes free on your lunch break and really fancy watching some clutch PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gameplay, you might want to ensure you're watching the most tense part of the gameplay rather than the early resource-gathering. Thankfully, a new set of Twitch filters will let you control what sort of gameplay you see in your very limited time.

Twitch will now let you search for gameplay streams of PUBG based on if the match has 50+ players left alive, 50 to 25 players left, or fewer than 25 remaining players. There are also filters available to select if you watch a solo, duo, or team game.

While it's not a huge change to the way Twitch handles the game, it's a nice additional touch that might help smaller streamers who consistently place well in matches to get some extra eyes on them. It also saves you picking a stream to watch, only to have it end in defeat within a few minutes of tuning in.