Fortnite Season 4 Trailer Shows Aliens!

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Season 4 updates for Fortnite are crashing down with great speed today, and we now know a little more about what today's update brings with it.

A leaked trailer for season 4, found in updated game files, confirms what many had suspected: season 4 begins with comets crashing into the planet, bringing with them alien life forms.

Season 4 update text is also live on the iOS app store, and refers to a new area available in-game – the crater where the largest comet crashed. If you visit this crater, you'll find Hop Rocks, a new area containing glowing rocks which, if consumed, will give you the ability to float around, making low gravity jumps like a cosmicsuper hero.

As the update is not yet fully available, and the patch notes aren't out, we still don't know everything that's incoming. Has Tilted Towers survived? We'll let you know when we do.