Fused Zamasu is Dragon Ball FighterZ's Next DLC Fighter

By Laura Kate Dale on at

According to the newest issue of Japanese magazine V-Jump, translated by Gematsu, Fused Zamasu will be the next DLC fighter added to Dragon Ball FighterZ.

A fusion of Supreme Kai apprentice Zamasu and Goku Black, Fused Zamasu is described as "the strongest god with the greatest strength and an immortal body" by the magazine, which sounds pretty unfair in a fighting game. Surely immortality is a little broken in a fighting game?

No. OK! Fused Zamasu will be able to fly after certain special moves, and use special moves including Holy Wrath and Lightning of Absolution to rain down energy from above, to boot. A release date for the character was not confirmed. You can check out our review of Dragon Ball FighterZ here.